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Under his mentor Rocky Balboa, a rival in the weightlifting Adonis faith faced with Victor Drago, the son of Ivan Drago.

Director: Steven Cage Jr. author: Cheo Hodari Cocker (story), Ryan Coogler (symbol)

Years after the coat of arms of Adonis faith made a name for himself under the Rocky Balboa teachers, young boxers to become world heavyweight champion. While the good life with this victory and his marriage to Bianca, the difficulty of coming to Philadelphia, when Ivan Drago, a boxer Russia that killed the father of Adonis, Apollo, arrived with his son, Victor, to task for Adonis. Rocky, Adonis Council against taking a call without a mentor involved and pay the price in a punishing fight he just win technicalies. Now injured and demobilized, Adonis can not return to the game, leaving the titles and their passion in danger. Together, the Adonis’s family and rocky must find a way to revive the spirit of struggle of Adonis to face the future in whatever choice he did. Meanwhile, the family of road have problems try back respect for their homeland that they had lost at the hands of Rocky when they wonder whether it is really worth it.

In 1985, Russia Boxer Ivan Drago killed Apollo’s former champion faith in the game’s tragic that shocked the world. Contrary to the wishes of a coach Rocky Balboa, Apollo son Adonis Johnson taking a call from another child a dangerous fighter Drago. Under the guidance of Rocky, Gorytsvit train in the calculation of life-a date of destiny, which soon became an obsession. Johnson and Balboa must face the common heritage of the past come back to haunt everyone.

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