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Grand Theft Auto V is a game of adventure with different generations. Originally released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it shows that the console is still enough power to a fully realized world as the sand box. The enhanced Edition PlayStation 4 and Xbox one works as a preview unreleased PC version. Now the PC version is finally here and it comes with an extra support more like Rockstar and 4 display; If you like GTA III and GTA IV, you will love this game for sure!

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If you play Grand Theft Auto V on the console, the site is the same. No updates or changes. You will still play as three characters: Franklin, Michael and Trevor project in overlapping stories filled with action, comedy and some really weird situations.

Grand Theft Auto V also has many side missions like illegal Racing, hunting, training and to find bail jumper. This mission is based on the specific nature of everyone to shut down. One of the strengths of Grand Theft Auto V is the immersive story, let you live three characters. Cast of secondary characters is also amazing, brought to life with excellent voice acting.

There is also a multiplayer online called GTA online. You create an avatar and live in Los Santos complete quests to make money, buying apartments, cars and upgrading life roles. There are also online heists that you fill with other players. The heists are like missions ready in the player but adapted for teams of players.

New Grand Theft Auto V for PC is Rockstar Editor. Rockstar Editor is recording and editing toolset that allows you to draw and edit recording real time. You have the wide range of functions such as recording manually, camera selection, effects and access to a variety of Grand Theft Auto V music radio station. Directors use the mode to produce short movies that you own in GTA V. you get control of the world to open your movies.

Fantastic game-the same

No new Grand Theft Auto V for PC. It is the same game with more options. Upgraded Visual showcasing the full potential of the game engine. The addition of a new radio station “Laboratory FM” offers some new music, but you can also use the local file to create its own radio station.

Grand Theft Auto V is a game. The story of a convoluted and sometimes anxiety waking but every character is fully fleshed out. Since you are taken into the crime world each letter, it is difficult not to be immersed.

GTA Online Game brings more live with various missions such as Deathmatch or team with players created missions. heists leads a bigger reason to play as you work with friends to steal merchandise from larger items.

Now with the Rockstar editor you can make your own movies in Grand Theft Auto V and display your creative skills.

The PC version is probably the latest version to be released, but it has the most complete functions as well.

Already a classic

Grand Theft AutoV is the classic console. Release PS4 and Xbox has a good preview of how the game can grow. The PC version with really show how good Los Santos can and how creative players can be if they are the new tools listed in this version.

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